Visiting my friends and going to the far but fabulous frum ‘sorority’ house for Shabbos! Laterz Friends and Jumblrs! *see above*

Follow Your Heart…

That was the advice my mother gave me during her visit about two weeks ago. “Follow your heart”. 

She meant I should just make aliyah and just get over it. But sometimes it isn’t so simple, at least for a Torah Observant Jew.

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Israel Bomb Shelter Date Leads to the Chuppah!

Some dates bomb. Others end up in bomb shelters.


May this cute couple know many years of health and happiness together with only fireworks (and no more air raid sirens) to come. Mazel tov!

Gotta love some happy and welcome news to come out of the war!

Walking home from train… police blocked off block infront of local sephardi minyan factory. At least 8 cop cars, plus undercover and shomrim… this can’t be good. :/

Chaim Gold - I am not Ashamed