GOH at Work: The Random Mormons

The Hasids are incredulously finding common ground in dating practices with the random Mormon customers… We really need our own sitcom or at least a reality show stat. This is golden.

"Who better to pick a spouse than the child’s parents?" -Random Mormon


How We Suffer - Rabbi Yehudah Prero

See link for full article. It really ‘brings home’ the feelings of suffering and losing the Beis hamikdosh in a relatable and real way. Sometimes you read something like “I hear it..”. This was one of those for me so I’d say worth the full read.  

I have two prayers for this Tisha B’Av season: May G-d, the Ribbono Shel Olam, inspire us this year to not only mourn for our own losses, but to be there for others in their pain and sorrow.

And may we never know of loss again.

“I was thinking the other day like… What does all this make me after the fact? Who am I? Where do my struggles leave me? Then it hit me just earlier today! What am I? Well duh, I’m ‘officially’ a BAS YISROEL. Why? Literally because I struggle with G-d. That’s exactly who and where I’m supposed to be. So I better hit the ground running ‘cus this life is just gonna get more incredible.”

—   я. Results of another derech affirming shabbos. 

sarahraizel said: $1.50 for kosher marshmallows?? I'm jealous. Out of curiosity, how much are cholov Yisrael cheese slices (think the American Kraft style I guess? The processed ones). It's about $20 for a pack where I am, and the price kills me every time.

Okay they are on sale a bit ATM but yes I found them the other day for $1.50. Usually $2.50 area. Honestly I don’t buy American Cheese but I’ll look next time I’m in the store… Everything is still expensive compared to nonkosher food, but generally speaking it’s super cheap here compared to out of town. 

“A woman is not written in braille, you don’t have to touch her to know her.”

—   Unknown

(Source: quotethat, via theorthodoxjukebox)